Indexes Collection


An Indexes collection contains all the stored Index objects of a TableDef object (Microsoft Jet workspaces only).






When you access a table-type Recordset object, use the object's Index property to specify the order of records. Set this property to the Name property setting of an existing Index object in the Indexes collection of the the TableDef object underlying the Recordset object.

Note You can use the Append or Delete method on an Indexes collection only if the Updatable property setting of the containing TableDef object is True.

After you create a new Index object, you should use the Append method to add it to the TableDef object's Indexes collection.

Important Make sure your data complies with the attributes of your new index. If your index requires unique values, make sure that there are no duplicates in existing data records. If duplicates exist, the Microsoft Jet database engine can't create the index; a trappable error results when you attempt to use the Append method on the new index.