Users Collection


A Users collection contains all stored User objects of a Workspace or Group object (Microsoft Jet workspaces only).







You can append an existing User object to the Users collection of a Group object to give a user account the access permissions for that Group object. Alternatively, you can append the Group object to the Groups collection in a User object to establish membership of the user account in that group. If you use a Users or Groups collection other than the one to which you just appended an object, you may need to use the Refresh method.

The Microsoft Jet database engine predefines two User objects named Admin and Guest. The user Admin is a member of both of the Group objects named Admins and Users; the user Guest is a member only of the Group object named Guests.

To refer to a User object in a collection by its ordinal number or by its Name property setting, use any of the following syntax forms:

[workspace | group].Users(0)

[workspace | group].Users("name")

[workspace | group].Users![name]