Idle Method


Suspends data processing, enabling the Microsoft Jet database engine to complete any pending tasks, such as memory optimization or page timeouts (Microsoft Jet workspaces only).


DBEngine.Idle [dbRefreshCache]


The Idle method allows the Microsoft Jet database engine to perform background tasks that may not be up-to-date because of intense data processing. This is often true in multiuser, multitasking environments that don't have enough background processing time to keep all records in a Recordset current.

Usually, read locks are removed and data in local dynaset-type Recordset objects are updated only when no other actions (including mouse movements) occur. If you periodically use the Idle method, Microsoft Jet can catch up on background processing tasks by releasing unneeded read locks.

Specifying the optional dbRefreshCache argument refreshes memory with only the most current data from the .mdb file. The dbForceOSFlush argument forces pending writes to .mdb files as part of the CommitTrans method.

You don't need to use this method in single-user environments unless multiple instances of an application are running. The Idle method may increase performance in a multiuser environment because it forces the database engine to write data to disk, releasing locks on memory.

Note You can also release read locks by making operations part of a transaction.